Shifting Trends

Shifting Trends

Shifting Trends
From Minimalism to Maximalism
in Home Decor

Ready to explore the hottest Interior Design Trend? In this special Edition discover what’s driving decorating style evolution towards maximalism 

Rooms overflowing with contrasting florals, colorful furniture, and countless collectibles are defining the new trend in interior design, known as "cluttercore" or "bricabracomania." This trend seems to be the result of multiple factors, from Generation Z challenging minimalist millennials to the impact of the pandemic, which transformed our homes into cozy havens. The struggle between minimalism and maximalism reflects the constant pendulum of fashion but has deep roots in the history of interior design

Cosulich Interiors & Antiques captivates the senses through color, uniqueness, and your history through customization where every aspect intertwine in a timeless dance. Color is the language of every object's soul. From vibrant tints to warm tones, Cosulich creates spaces that are chromatically extraordinary. Join us on this adventure!!!

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