Our Story


"We strive always to be relevant with the times and offering a fresh perspective aimed to all generations. The highest personalized customer experience tailored to individual needs, with emphasis on responsiveness and accessibility, is our commitment to our clients." 

Cosulich Interiors & Antiques is distinguished for its international and generational presence within the design scene and art culture. Based in New York City and Italy: a showroom in Midtown at the NYDC 200 Lexington Ave building, offering a showcase of hand-selected 20th-century Italian art pieces and exclusive Venetian Murano glass creations, and expanding to a customizable, made-to-order contemporary collection; and a base in Italy as well, where they are able to fulfill requests for European projects on site.


Their unique and growing collection, as well as the founders’ reputation for a discerning eye and extraordinary service, attracts respected interior designers and collectors worldwide.  


Franco Cosulich - Founder
Franco as a child lived in Italy, Ethiopia, Brazil and Argentina as the son of Tullio Cosulich, co-owner of the renowned Italian transatlantic cruisers company, Fratelli Cosulich of Trieste. His international upbringing helped him develop an eye for excellently crafted pieces with a story to tell. He opened an antiques shop in Arezzo, near Florence, and exhibited throughout the United Kingdom before opening in the United States.

Fabienne Cosulich - Managing Director / 20th Century Decorative Arts & Design Expert
Fabienne grew up influenced by an appreciation toward invention and creation as the daughter of the internationally known Italian inventor and designer Luciano Mattioli. While receiving her education in Paris, her mother working as an assistant to an American dealer introduced her to the world of antiques at flea markets. She developed a strong passion for innovation and knowledge in techniques used in creating and producing objets d’art.

Sara Bonacina - Director of Sales
Fabienne’s daughter, Sara, exposed to international environments with an Italian/French upbringing and British education, has global work experiences which helped shape her care and attention to detail and high-level customer service. Design and commerce are her family's heritage, she aspires to make fine design accessible to her younger generation and promote appreciation in craftsmanship.


The store represents the ultimate culmination of its founders’ family histories, education and world travels. Franco and Fabienne Cosulich, both brought up in international environments dedicated to art and design, joined to work together in Italy, France and England where their backgrounds and knowledge allowed them access to exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces from prestigious Italian villas and European estates. Together, they built their own collection noted for its artistry, quality and most of all rarity. 

In 2003, Franco and Fabienne opened an Italian design gallery in Chicago to fulfill a growing overseas demand. Their presence in the United States garnered further attention, leading to the opening of a New York City storefront location in 2006. 

The store showcases their “I’Arte in Casa” decorating concept, using one-of-a-kind functional pieces - works of art noted for innovative design and craftsmanship - and pairing them with exclusive Murano glass lighting to create an expressive and stylish living environment.

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