Hip Holiday Tablescape

Expressing Gratitude Through Creativity 

With the Holidays approaching, many people are thinking about how to make their table special for the occasion. In recent years, a trend called "tablescaping" has emerged, transforming the way we set our tables. But what exactly is a tablescape, and how does it differ from the simple act of setting the table?

Creating a festive table is an opportunity to express creativity and hospitality. The term "tablescaping" is associated with setting up elaborate table “landscapes” that convey a specific theme, atmosphere, or design style. This approach requires planning and inspiration, but it offers a wonderful experience for your guests

Even if you have limited time, you can create a festive table with quick stratagems, such as using decorative accessories for a welcoming centerpiece, like adding candles at different heights or grouping small vases

An effective tip is to add a natural touch to the table: scatter real or artificial leaves or foliage along the runner, giving the table a rustic and autumnal look, or use fruits and vegetables to add colors and a wellness feeling

There are no strict rules, but it is essential to choose a theme or motif, even just a color scheme! The goal is to turn the simple act of sitting at the table into a memorable experience

At Cosulich Interiors & Antiques, we offer an abundant collection of design objects and accessories, ranging from antiques to 20th-century Italian Art and modern Murano glass creations, to enrich your festive table with elegance and sophistication. Our selection allows you to transform your table into a culinary work of art, adding a unique touch of style and refinement to your holidays

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