The Beauty of Imperfection

Key Design Themes at
The Clerkenwell
Design Week

There is an emerging appreciation for the beauty found in imperfections. This year at the Clerkenwell Design Week in London, untreated wood, rattan, and stone materials, with their unique, uneven, and flawed aspects stood out for their inherent perfectly imperfect characteristics, bringing authenticity and a sense of organic individuality to interiors
Sophisticated Stone
Stone proudly showcases its rugged and unpolished surface. Each slab and piece is a product of natural processes that span millions of years, resulting in one-of-a-kind patterns, textures, and colorations. The unrefined beauty of stone reminds us of the Earth's ancient past and connects us to an unaltered aesthetic
Rattan Wonders
A natural material derived from tropical palms, rattan is celebrated for its flexibility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Highlighting the craftsmanship, each strand of rattan weaves its own tale, with stains, and variation in colors, thickness, and texture that contribute to a distinctive charm
Crafting with Wood
Wood embodies the essence of imperfection beautifully. Each piece of wood carries its own identity, showcasing knots, grains, and color variations that tell a story of its growth and journey through time. These imperfections are not flaws but rather marks of character and individuality
Circular Designs
Sustainable solutions are increasingly vital in addressing environmental challenges and promoting resource efficiency. These solutions focus on reducing waste and maximizing the lifecycle of products through reuse, recycling, and responsible design
Skilled Artistry
The pieces of Cosulich Interiors' customizable collections are individually created and fully handcrafted. From lighting to furniture, every item is meticulously realized by skilled artisans as sculptural works of art. Irregularities in these bespoke and unique pieces are intrinsic to their individual handmade production and part of their beauty
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