Spring Decor Steals


Springtime Decor
New Arrivals

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your living space with new pieces

The Natural Look
Organic materials are a key element of the natural look in interior design. More and more, we are on the lookout for sustainable products that connect us with nature

Earth Tones
Earth tones are making a significant impact this season, with a shift towards warm minimalism and nature-inspired hues. Embracing radiant neutrals and earthy shades creates calming and harmonious spaces

Decorative Tables
Accentuate your space with a table that pulls the room in a more empathetic manner. From trending materials to curved shapes, and even provoking forms, small tables are taking on a life of their own

Bring Color
High Point Market is always a source of seasonal inspiration, and this time around, in honor of Sasha Bikoff's collaboration with Abner Henry, we introduce Memphis Style to bring radical geometry and a fearless mix of bold colors into your home

Enticing decorative pieces introduced into a neutral atmosphere offer a unique and unexpected shift in tone. Green in particular revitalizes the atmosphere and bold accents bring curiosity and emotional reactions

Giovanni Minelli
Presenting next week his sustainable collection
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