What a night! 💙

"Bold, colored, layered, and fantastic. Love it."
"Architectural and sexy, with a little edge - I'll be back for these for a contemporary project that wants to remain mature and tailored."
"Clean enough to be wholly in the present, and elegantly hold their own in a room."
"Thoughtful, understated, opinionated without stealing the show. I consider these to be perfect."
"This will transcend any trends and strikingly bridge aesthetic styles."
"The shape of this gorgeous chair begs to be placed in front of a big window wall."
"Designers in the 70's really did get so many things right - this abstract Murano glass vase included."
"I would love to see these energize a bedroom suite or on the sides of a living room wall."
"Just right for that intimate entry or vestibule where you have one or two opportunities to command one's attention."
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