The Right Table for The Right Place

1970s Italian Urban Iron Satin & Crystal Clear Long Sofa Table

Commonly furniture serves two purposes: functional pieces and aesthetic statements. In our current time, however, it has acquired an additional quality: a connective function. Coffee and dining room tables are no exception. Combined with fine craftsmanship, these pieces at Cosulich Interiors & Antiques exude feelings of elegance, sophistication, and innovation. Among our many styles available, your choice of table will infuse your identity into the environment.

The right table adds a touch of richness and when versatile in its function, can easily adapt to various designs. Tables give a sense of fluidity and flow, they serve as focal points and can tie any room together. Whether your style is Minimalist, Maximalist, Transitional or in between..., your choice will effortlessly complement your vision

1960s Isamu Noguchi Black Laminated Round Table for Knoll

Our Noguchi Black Laminated round table provides a comfortable dining experience, with its organic design, allowing guests to effortlessly gather around, feel at ease, and freely converse. Its specific circular nature promises a more intimate dining experience, optimizes space utilization, and makes it perfect for even smaller areas. Its versatile nature even transforms it into a statement for an entry

Sinopoli 1970s Italian Brass Satin & Chrome Geometric Large Table

With a traditional rectangular table, like our Sinopoli Italian Vintage Satin & Chrome table, a unique atmosphere can be accomplished through the voice of its original geometric pattern. A piece like this is very rare in the current market and is sure to add sophistication as the focal point of any room, a living area or a study

1953 Italian Black White Gray Horse Mosaic Brass Dining / Coffee Table

This combines the modernity of classic Italian craftsmanship with a Roman-inspired mosaic. Its triangular shape adds a dynamic element, and the curved corners offer a fresh take on tradition.  Its different heights, as a breakfast table or a low coffee table, offer an innovative and inviting seating solution

1970s Art Deco Design Green Marble Coffee Table / Bench

This vintage Green Marble & Cream White Lacquered Coffee Table shows the tradition of a rectangular shape, while its Art Deco design and curved corners create an inviting feeling. Its double use as a coffee table and bench acts as inspiration to strike the perfect conversation.

Whether crafted from wood, stone, glass, metal, recycled materials... these options, and more from our collection, showcase sleek contours and tasteful colors. From rounded edges, that soften the ambiance, promoting a more relaxed atmosphere to a more traditional rectangular style, that fosters elegance and sophistication, any table from our collection is sure to bring harmony


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