The Nickel Effect

Nickel is a sustainable natural resource that cannot be consumed. It can be fully recycled without loss of quality. It has a warmer hue compared to Chrome and is an adaptable option when it comes to interior design. It also mixes very well with traditional styles.

A very interesting aspect of its versatility is represented by its finishes: from brushed to satin or polished, each has its own unique aesthetic and characteristics to complete the perfect design. 
Polished nickel offers a sophisticated charm that glows in the light. The neutral color of the material fits effortlessly into most spaces, standing out while boldly reflecting light, further illuminating the environment. Our Bespoke Italian Alabaster Murano Glass & Nickel Curved Globe Chandelier offers a unique take on traditional design with a more abstract approach. Its overall shape and swirling designs embedded into the glass globes compliment the unique color of the nickel finish, standing out in any space.
Brushed nickel provides a matte look. The process gives a more handcrafted and original feel. Light reflects off the surface in a very unique and soft way. It is perfect for frequent use, hiding water spots and smudges from regular contact. Designed by Romeo Rega, our Two Tier, Geometric Coffee/Sofa Table utilizes brushed nickel in its geometric design. Referencing classical Roman motifs, four panels of brushed nickel are maneuverable, allowing to alter the design. The texture compliments the polished nickel of the geometric pattern and legs.
Satin nickel offers a clean and high-quality look with a sense of modernity. The finish is soft, smooth, and velvety, offering a subtle sheen. Inspired by the shape of the tulip flower, Tronconi’s 1970s Italian Pair of Satin Nickel & White Glass Tulip Table Lamps are an example of elegant mid-century modern design. Simplistic in their style, the satin nickel base supports the organic shape of the translucent glass. Artistic and elegant, the combination of the satin nickel base and the white glass creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. 
Nickel finishes are a great way to enhance the beauty and functionality of any interior design. No matter the ambiance, the right finish of nickel is sure to elevate and add a touch of refinement to your style.

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