Red White Green Color Scheme

Bianco Rosso Verde
Traditional Christmas Colors

The holiday season is often filled with vibrant and symbolic colors, but why Red, Green, White are such a big part of the end of year’s most-anticipated holidays? This deeply rooted heritage has ancient origins and profound connections to historical traditions.

A long time ago, Celtic people used to hang in their homes red and green plants as a way to promote A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR which is what


Symbol of Rebirth and Prosperity

Green, historically linked to the winter solstice, was initially tied to the ancient Celts who regarded holly plants as a symbol of beauty and luck during the harsh winter months. The practice of adorning homes with green plants evolved into the traditional Christmas decorations, carrying forward the idea of rebirth and prosperity in the New Year

Light, Purity, and Divinity

White, representing light and purity, has deep connections to spirituality and divinity. Used in the priestly garments of many religions, it has been associated with Christmas and Easter celebrations, symbolizing joy, purity, and resurrection

Symbol of Passion and Loving Spirit

Red gained prominence in Christmas, especially due to Coca-Cola advertising campaigns from the 1930s to the 1960s. The color, associated with holly berries and blood, symbolizes passion and life

It's a fascinating notion that these characteristic Holidays colors also represent Italy. The red, green, and white, present in the Italian flag, create a suggestive link, adding a touch of familiarity and cultural connection during this festive season. The first Italian revolutionaries wore a pinned green leaf for hope and freedom while white and red came from the French Revolution. 

When used in interior decoration and design, these colors instantly trigger an atmosphere in our subconscious, imparting warmth and festive spirit to the spaces they adorn.

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