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Pino Signoretto 1944 - 2017

said to be one of the greatest glass artists
and sculptors in the world




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Pino Signoretto achieved what seemed impossible
for anyone else through his endurance with such a material which he calls
“the unrivalled master of my life”


He is born in Venice in 1944. At the age of 9, due to economical difficulties in his family, he begins working in a glass furnace and falls in love with Murano glass.

In 1959 he has the opportunity to collaborate with the great glass Maestri of that time: Livio and Angelo Seguso, Ermanno Nason and - most important for Pino – the greatly celebrated Alfredo Barbini who becomes his teacher and mentor.

In 1960, at the age of 16, he earned the title of Glass Master Blower. 

1978 marks the opening of his very own atelier in Murano and from then on he wins many awards over the years, designs the 1990 NBA trophy and collaborates with famous artists: Chihuly, Koons, even Picasso and Dalì. 

Nautica, in an interview, asked Pino what is the relationship between the sea and the art of glass making, he answered:
"Glass itself has something to do with the sea, in effect, to make the magic happen you need four ingredients: sand, water, air and fire, to which I would add a fifth element which is the physical energy which the artist needs to use to shape glass. It is a wonder that mankind performs since the beginnings of civilization; almost a shaman's rite which makes the master glassmaker akin to the vestal virgin in the sense that he always fears leaving his furnace wishing to keep the fire ever-burning."

What makes his work genius:
his tireless intention to challenge the magical material that is glass with his talent and passion; his virtuosity and ability to carefully reproduce even the smallest details capturing movement; he is also the only artist that knows how to manipulate glass to obtain something otherwise believed impossible.

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