Interview with Italian Sculptor

A link between Architecture & Nature 

Now, more than ever, the connection between individuals and nature is a vital key. This call is especially important for the Tuscan Artist Ginestroni and has always been an essence of his approach. 
We interview him to give you a first-hand insight into his inspiration.

Cosulich Interiors: What motivates your artistic journey?
Ginestroni: "I have a love affair with Earth, I am always focusing on the relationship between the man-made and the natural world."

CI: What are your preferred mediums and why?
G: "I master different elements, bronze, iron, stone and terra cotta: my favorite!"

CI: Why terracotta?
G: " First of all terracotta, that I shape in my very plastic expressions, comes from the clay of my Tuscan land and it evokes human spirit, captures and modulates the light like no other and has a lightness in its essence that makes my creativity translucent."

CI: It seems there is a feminine presence in most of your works, can you explain?
G smiles: "I found my muse in my wife, the mystery of womanhood is very inspiring to me, I am fascinated by the multiplicity of Expression, my exploration of  Lips are an example."

Ginestroni's work has been exhibited in the Chianti Sculpture Park in Italy. 






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