Guide for Sconces

Identifying Wall Light Purpose

Style, form, and function of a sconce can make a great difference in illuminating and elevating the design of your spaces

Up Light or Down? or Both!

Channeling light in a specific direction provokes different results and perceptions. With an upward design, light is allowed to reflect off multiple surfaces or angles making the area appear larger. Because downlight sconces offer a more conservative amount of light, they are ideal for triggering more intimate results. 
Both, up and down, achieve the dual function of task-orientated illumination and expanded ambiance

Accentuating Architecture
Sconces are integral in bringing out the compositional elements of the room structure complementing the design: clean or geometric lines, soft organic forms, traditional features...

Brilliance Redefined
Sconces offer versatility and can seamlessly blend form and function, adapting to your needs. Overall radiance when combined with a dimmable option allows you to accord mood or time of day with your purpose. Need soft, ambient light for a cozy evening? Hosting a lively gathering?

Atmospheric Silhouettes
Depending on pattern and texture, light can become art on the wall or ceiling. Cast shadows transform ordinary surfaces into captivating visual narratives

Adaptive Visions

Versatile lighting offers adaptable functions both as wall and ceiling fixtures, reinventing roles and styles. Furthermore, the addition or subtraction of elements brings a range of purposes and designs like our first animated image

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