What is Gio Ponti's Design Imprint?


"The most resistant element is not wood, is not stone, is not steel, is not glass. The most resistant element in building is art. Let's make something very beautiful"
- Gio Ponti


Giovanni Giò Ponti, one of the Italian masters of architecture, was also an industrial designer, furniture designer, artist, and publisher.
He founded in 1928 the magazine Domus: it was an architecture and design-related magazine which focused mainly on interiors and proved to be for decades the most influential magazine in Europe.
He constructed many exemplary buildings and houses in Milan, including the first Italian skyscraper, where he moved towards formal and linear simplification while making structure and style coincide. He was also a part of worldwide projects, such as the Denver Art Museum in the USA.
His designs are considered icons, highly praised, and collectible.






1990s Fontana Arte Pair of Clear Glass and Nickel Side Tables



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