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“By the unification of architecture, sculpture, and painting
a new reality will be created.”
- Piet Mondrian

In interior design, Piet Mondrian, the pioneer of Dutch Neoplasticism, the manifest of the De Stijl artistic movement, has influenced the Bauhaus style and cubism.
It is characterized by the use of primary colors, strong asymmetry, vertical and horizontal lines... 
Despite the ultimate abstraction of his work, new research explores the distinction between figuration and abstraction in his art, suggesting that he never walked away from nature and his work is not as flat as always perceived, but presents the extensive use of different textures. (read more...)
Mondrian Style certainly brings a youthful and playful touch, giving off a modern current vibe.

As a part of our contemporary customizable collection, we can now recreate pieces with Mondrian patterns. Contact us to learn more.

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