Does Your Design Show Your Personality?


We were curious to find the connection between personality and design aesthetics.
We decided to ask some Interior Designers and Fabienne Cosulich to take the Myers-Briggs test and identify their favorite designs.
Explore the results and take the test yourself to find out your type!

  • Introversion / Extraversion 
  • Sensing / Intuition 
  • Thinking / Feeling
  • Judging / Perceiving

Stefan Steil -
Steilish Interiors & Architecture
ISTJ - The Logistician
ISTJs mentality is straightforward and no-fuss. They are neat and orderly, have impeccable attention to details, and value quality over quantity.
Affectionate about classic, their design aesthetic is put-together, well-curated, minimalist, and organized, timeless, yet contemporary.



Frank Webb - White Webb
INTJ - The Architect 
Also known as "masterminds", INTJs are focused on the bigger picture and prefer planning and certainty. Strategic and mindful, they love to see how everything connects together.
Well-poised inspiring home that gives off an intelligent and worldly vibe, with dedicated space for reading or self-expression through art and music is important for INTJ. 





Jacqueline Hosford - Jacqueline Hosford Interior Design
INFP - The Mediator
INFPs are thoughtful, creative, and idealistic. They gravitate toward soft things and daydreamy aesthetics, white and pastel shades that make the rooms feel open and bright and create a harmonious feel.
This personality type craves a home with an open floor plan as the focal point, that resonates well with their desire to welcome people in and get to know them better.





Do you think Fabienne's personality shows through our inventory?

Fabienne Cosulich - Cosulich Interiors & Antiques
ISFP - The Adventurer


ISFPs are true artists who like to experiment with beauty. They live in a colorful, spontaneous, and sensual world, inspired by connections with people and ideas. ISFPs aren't afraid to break rules and love mixing different designs to create unconventional and charming homes.





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