Do You Know The Meaning of The Color Pink?

“Anything is possible with sunshine
and a little pink.” 
- Lilly Pulitzer

In many cultures pink means the right balance in existentialism, for example for the Egyptians pink was the equilibrium between victory (red) and purity (white). 
For the eastern civilizations pink stands for modesty and perfection and it is not tied to the feminine world, it is rather associated with wisdom.
As unexpected as it seems, pink color has proven itself to land perfectly in almost any room and act either as a neutral or bold accent, depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Blush pink evokes feelings of softness, calmness and tranquility

Soft pink can complement other materials and textures
and become an interesting alternative to beige

According to Caleb Anderson from Drake/Anderson
“Pink in suede and leather is sexy"

Bright pink accents make for a great first impression

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