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Listen to how these designers see the future of living
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Thank you Kesha, Anelle, Marina, Rhonnika, and Allison 
for continuously inspiring us with your creativity and your love





"I really appreciate the different natural and organic textures and love the range of color palettes that natural stones offer. I love that they are each so different and that no two stones are alike. Incorporating natural stones into my work is something that brings a uniqueness and authenticity to my interiors."





"I am drawn to everything that is inspired by nature and I find these pieces combine functionality and art. I particularly love the mix of marble and metal inset that make me think about a volcano eruption."






"I love the fluidity of the Evolution Console Table. Even though it is made out of a hard material, it has a softness to it that you would not expect from marble. 

The Magritte Chandelier is a flawless addition to any room. I especially love it in a kitchen paired with marble counters for a harmonious, elegant design."





"Natural stone has an inherent beauty that cannot be replicated. These sconces are wonderful because they are functional art. I love their sculptural quality and the fact that they provide both beauty and light to space.”





"I was immediately attracted by the mix of Modernism and Art Deco. Levante Sconces are so sculptural that it looks like a piece of artwork and the use of metal and stone is very alluring."



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