Design Evokes Familiar Scents

The Evocative Power of Scent 
When the  Design Objects Take Us Back to Familiar Fragrances

Certain design objects can astoundingly evoke familiar smells through their form and color. This phenomenon reveals how these objects become carriers of sensory memories, acting us a magical key unlocking hidden doors leading to our history. Our sense of smell, the most primal of all our senses, possesses the remarkable ability to transport and immerse us in vivid and unforgettable memories.

These examples highlight how design objects can serve as vessels for your sensory memories, enriching your daily experience with familiar scents. In your home, form, color, and scent intertwine in a dance of emotions and evocation, making the environment more welcoming, and enhancing your daily life.

Cosulich Interiors and Antique plays a pivotal role in this narrative. Our carefully selected materials result in furniture and lighting pieces that transmit vibrant colors and shapes, reminiscent of fragrances, suggesting ancient, vintage, and unique flavors

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