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Red has been discovered over 40,000 years ago and was used by our prehistoric ancestors to ward off evil spirits. Historically, Red is a symbol of prosperity, leadership, courage, confidence, and good fortune. Think about its revolutionary history and link to love.

It is extensively used in art, fashion and design: from cave paintings to frescos, Chinese lacquer, impressionism... to become a 
trademark for designer Christian Louboutin as a symbol of exclusive style.

A color that sparkles with enthusiasm and sensuality, Red stimulates conversation and creates a strong first impression. This vibrant hue gives off warmth and a strong personality.
Red raises room energy and is a good choice if you want to stir up excitement and make space feel more intimate. Subtly incorporate red accents or go bold with bright red statement-making furniture to instantly spice up your interior.

We are inspired by Pantone's courage and support its statement to dismantle the barrier to women’s equality.

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