Iridescence in Murano Glass

Creating Rainbows
at Cosulich Interiors

In the world of interior design and home decor, light and colors are vital for creating ambiance and mood.  Iridescence is one of those enhancing magic touches, creating illusions of hues and shimmering visions.


The Beauty of Iridescent Glass

Iridescence on glass is obtained by exposing the work in progress at the end of the blow pipe to the fumes of burning salts of titanium, tin or other metals, resulting in a metallic oxide layer that reflects light


Versatile Decor Addition

This effect produces reflections of light on the surface, causing multiple shifting colors that change with the angle of viewing


Creating Visual Interest

Iridescent glass hues seamlessly fit modern, contemporary, or traditional styles. These ethereal colors complement various design themes, creating a unique ambiance


Embracing Natural Light

Iridescence provokes a dynamic play of colors, transforming the object into a captivating art piece, interacting beautifully with natural sunlight, producing an ever-changing display as the sun moves across the sky   


Enhancing Mood and Well-being

The ever changing surfaces create an instinctive emotional response triggering moods of coziness, warmth and ecstasy


Cosulich Interiors & Antiques understands the importance of the principles of light and philosophy of colors, which is reflected in the Italian collection of Murano glass products, carefully hand-picked and curated to focus on the use of special craftsmanship to enhance aesthetics and bring tailored elegance to any space. Don’t settle for the ordinary but choose ethereal elements into your home to give it a resonating voice, can you hear it?

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