ArtOrigo Offers Free Online Storefront


Cosulich Interiors calls attention to ARTORIGO
that converts their support of the Art and Design Community into action
by offering free online presence to dealers and designers







To all of the Art and Design Community,

In our quest to help our ArtOrigo community generate business, it has become our mission to make this “new normal” as painless as possible. Because of the collateral damage the COVID-19 pandemic is inflicting on the art and design community, ArtOrigo is offering a new membership option to dealers and designers that provides a free subscription to our online platform and implements a commission structure on sales to help alleviate the financial strain of having to pay for one of our 3, 6, 9, or 12 months membership packages.  Our monthly membership packages will always be available as an option, but because we know how difficult it is right now in generating leads and making sales, we want to offer a program that will work with the constraints that we are all facing.  You can decide what membership will work best for you after you make your first sale.  The options to choose from are:

Option 1: Purchase a 3, 6, 9, or 12 months membership without commission


Option 2: Membership that is commission based only

This new program option will help your organization keep an active online presence, as well as keep you at the forefront of this forced evolution that we are all facing in order to maintain our businesses.  . 

If you are interested don’t wait another day.  Start today!  Please click on this link and request an account today:


ArtOrigo is here to help in any way we can.  We want to encourage our member community to communicate with us any ideas, concerns or questions you might moving forward.  We are in this together and together we will forge a path through this difficult time.

Respectfully yours and warm regards,


Founder / President 



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