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Born in Bergamo, Italy in 1976, Gio Minelli graduated from Accademia di Bella Arti di Brera in Milan in 2003. After graduating he began working in design alongside multiple artists including programming artist Davide Boriani, and designer Roberto Semprini... 

His first projects were conceptualized during his formative years, with the creation of limited-edition collections in various styles and media. At a young age, he was invited during the Triennale di Milano to take part in “Italian Design for UNICEF”

Always conscious of sustainable design, and his work's environmental impact, Minelli focuses on research and development of new composites. His works are sustainable and made from environmentally friendly materials

From used boats to disassembled wind turbines, Minelli utilizes recycled materials and transforms them into pieces that seem to come from a new world. Organic and colorful, his works are a mutation and a celebration of Nature

From tables to centerpieces, his oeuvre rests in a unique space between artwork and functional industrial design. His unique creations are found in contemporary art galleries and distinguished private collections

His works unite his artistic origins with research and technology, creating a unique industrial design language. His talent spans from creating art installations to important collaborations with other designers: with Marco Fossati, he established MinelliFossati, attaining important projects of product design for renowned brands like DE CASTELLI and COSENTINO

In 2023, Minelli won the Roplastic Prize in the Art and Collectible Design category of the RoGuiltessplastic curated competition, with a color-injected table from his Kernal Collection

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