Cosulich Interiors presents 

a unique pair of Italian Colorful Baroque Armchairs
 by Anacleto Spazzapan 

with handmade structure covered in hand weaved colorful strips of fabric in a magical checkered pattern.  

Anacleto (born in 1943, Italy), entrepreneur, artist, designer, award-winner, traveler, archaeologist, inventor... true to historic values, interprets traditional designs with emotion and innovation bringing character to interiors with a mixture of antique and contemporary.

He favors materials provided by nature and the handmade over technology. In his own words: "Everything inspires me. Sometimes it’s something I see, other times it’s the mathematic formula I rely on to produce the functional item I have in mind. A chair, for example, needs to have a certain size and be comfortable and soft, and those are the crucial features to start first the creative process and then the manufacturing one. To me a design object must be functional.” 

To produce practical seating and pieces, he invents a structure made with hand welded thin iron rods. Every one of his pieces is individually designed and manufactured.

Anacleto conveys joy and exuberance in his work, he loves to play with rich vivid colors, shapes and curves. His furniture is highly collectible and decorates the most exclusive interiors all over the world.

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