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Lighting products deliver various uses and functions. Discover with us how to integrate the right luminescence and design to obtain the right outcome for your own narrative. Furthermore, the possibility of customization, the right combination of colors paired with the right temperature bulb, can create the perfect emotion
Chandeliers are meant to set the tone of your story. As the epitome of elegance and sophistication, they are there to be noticed. In an entryway, they are the first impression to greet guests and immediately open the conversation. They embody the essence of illumination
Pendants generate the effect of mise en scène casting highlights in your design, like spotlights on a stage. Here, the difference of materials will complete the spirit of your play
Sconces and wall lights are crucial for accentuating your decor and providing adaptability. Sconces highlight the architecture of a room and direct attention to specific areas, casting a glow becoming works of art. Combined with a dimmable function, they offer flexibility while adding an artistic touch
Today, desk and table lamps are artistic sculptures that bring grace with inspirational light, encouraging productivity while complementing the room aesthetic. In the privacy and sanctuary of your own space, the perfect pair of lamps instill the required motivation for your clear-cut moment
Floor lamps play a crucial role in setting the mood in any given space. Their presence can dramatically transform a room's ambiance, creating a sense of warmth, comfort, or even drama. By illuminating corners, they can make a room feel larger and more inviting
Each fixture at Cosulich Interiors & Antiques is more than just a source of light; it's a piece of history, a work of art, and a statement of design. Our collection is constantly evolving yet timeless, adapting to technology to deliver the right atmosphere. Through the possibility of choosing different temperatures in  light sources, colors and finishes are transformed, to create the right aura

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