A Dazzling New Collection


Cosulich is always committed to inspire you with innovation. This brand-new collection features truly unique styles and designs meticulously hand-made, evoking a sense of wonder and energy by reflecting and diffusing light through the environment. Every piece is individually handcrafted as a work of art, decorated with mirrored glass tiles, hand-cut one by one, and positioned singularly, resulting in unique variations and imperfections that are a structural part of its beauty and intrinsic to the manual process.

Through cutting-edge craftsmanship, these works play with reflections, shapes, sizes, colors, and lines, creating a fascinating portfolio with an array of captivating creations blurring the boundaries between Art and Design

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List $6,995
A lacquered fiberglass design in half-moon shape, the inside decorated with gold mosaic
List $5,670
A wall light constructed in iron and clad in glass mirror mosaic 
List $2,895
A modern illuminated chain with a strong personality, that can be hung on a wall or from the ceiling. This modular design allows any number of links
An illuminated mirror fabric gives a touch of elegance and brightness to every ambiance. LED lights reflect on the glass mosaic and create a play of light. Every piece is unique because entirely handmade
List $3,650
List $9,980
A monumental modular mirror composed of nine pieces
List $12,995
A bespoke curved oval mirror bordered with individually placed mirrored tiles
List $5,350
A post-modern console in hand-vibrated stainless steel with the legs draped in glass mosaic
List $8,995

A wider console in gold lacquered sheet metal with gold mirror-draped legs

List $11,370
The round top surface showcases a stunning mosaic of mirrored glass tiles that reflect the environment's light source
List $6,995
List $6,680
The cone-shaped frame of brushed iron is topped with clear glass that showcases the interior covered in a stunning mosaic of gold mirrored glass tiles
List $6,495


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